1: The Black Hand

This is the story of how Billie Holiday was stalked by the founder of the war on drugs, Harry Anslinger, and how he played a role in killing her. It helps us to understand the forces that have been really driving the drug war, right from the start.

Lorraine Feather was Billie Holiday’s god-daughter. This is her talking about Billie’s song, Strange Fruit:


The Rvd Eugene Callendar visited Billie Holiday on her death-bed, where she was handcuffed and had all her belongings confiscated. He led the protests outside the clinic for her to be given proper drug treatment. Here he tells me what she told him:

The jazz singer Yolande Bavan was Billie Holiday’s close friend. Here she describes how Billie was banned from performing anywhere that alcohol was served:

Yolande describes the effect this had on her:

Bevan Dufty was Billie Holiday’s godson. Here he describes how she would mother him:

Yolande describes how the harassment from the narcotics authorities made Billie paranoid:

Yolande describes how Billie believed this would be seen in time:

The jazz singer Annie Ross was Billie’s friend. Here she describes why she should not be seen as a victim:

Bevan Dufty recalls how Billie was terrified she was going to be killed:

Eugene Callendar recalls how Billie was exhausted:

Eugene Callendar recalls what he said in her eulogy:

2: Sunshine and Weaklings

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