Conclusion: If You Are Alone

Bevan Dufty is Billie Holiday’s godson. Here he describes a moment of realization:

Juan Fraire Escobedo recalls his mother’s words:

None of these clips has been altered, spliced, or digitally edited in any way.

The only exceptions are:

(a) In the conversation with Liz Evans, I have bleeped out the name of one of her clients, at her request, to preserve the client’s confidentiality

(b) When I interviewed President Mujica by telephone, my translator – Dario Moreno – conducted a simultaneous translation. We recorded this in two ways. We recorded Mujica’s words down the phone line on one audio-file; and we recorded Dario saying the translation to me, while he covered the mouth-piece, on another audio file. If we play these clips exactly as they happened – with Dario speaking at the same time as Mujica – it’s quite hard to hear what either is saying. So we have edited it with a slight delay, so you can hear what Mujica said, and then hear Dario’s translation.


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