Corrections III – posted 28th January 2015

This is to one of the articles linked to from this site. In the original version of my Huffington Post article headlined ‘Addicts’ Lives Matter’, there were two details that were wrong. The meeting Eric Sterling attended was incorrectly described as being with Senators, when it was in fact with members of Congress; and the subject of the meeting was not specifically clean needles, but about the heroin epidemic more widely. I apologize for this error.


This is to the book. On page 92, I describe the undercover drug raid that led to Ed Toatley’s death, which – as the book explains – is based on Leigh Maddox’s recollections of the event in her interviews and subsequent fact-checking with me, and on news reports covering his murder and the subsequent trial. One detail of the description I gave based on this seems to be incorrect: it states that Ed was given “three thousands dollars to buy a kilo of cocaine” by his superior officers. A reader called Mansfield Frazier emailed to say this couldn’t be right – the cost would have been significantly greater. I went back to Leigh, and she said she is confident of her recollection of the $3000 sum, but may on reflection have been mistaken about the amount of cocaine Ed was sent to purchase. (This is natural when remembering events from over a decade before.)


To resolve this, Leigh suggested getting hold of the plea agreement with Kofi Orleans Lindsey, Ed’s killer, which she believes will contain both figures. I am going to put in the request to do that, and will keep readers posted here. In the meantime, I will take out the reference to buying a kilo from future editions of the book, so instead it says Ed was given “three thousand dollars to buy cocaine.” Thanks to Mansfield Frazier for bringing it to my attention.


If you spot any other errors in the book, please do email me at chasingthescream –at- – it is important to me to make sure every detail in the book is correct.

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