Corrections XI – posted March 19th 2015

The excellent translator who is preparing the Spanish version of the book, María José Viejo, noticed some typos and minor errors that I’m keen to correct for the record and in future editions.


The first is a sentence that could be clearer. On page 269, it says: “After drug prohibition, it’s reasonable to expect that the milder forms of drugs that were popular before prohibition will come back, just as beer did.” A few people stumbled on this sentence – it would be clearer to say “After drug prohibition ends, it’s reasonable…”


On pages 53 and 141, where it says “Plato o plomo,” it should in fact say say “Plata o plomo.”


On page 133, where it says “Fronterisa Baja”, it should say “Fronteriza Baja.”


On page 163, where it says “arbeit macht frei,” it should say “Arbeit macht frei”. (My dad, who is a German speaker, also noticed this with a tut).


On pages 336 and 372, where it says ‘9 Murders a Day’, (referring to the name of a documentary), it should say ‘8 Murders a Day.’


On pages 353 note 1, and 354 note 8 and 366, where it says ‘Rosencoff’, it should say‘Rosencof’.


Also, a few lines were cut for legal reasons at the last minute, but due to a production glitch, we didn’t cut the endnotes that go with them. They will be cut in future editions. They are:


On page 330


107 fight in the showers Gabba later told me she did not believe these women were telling the truth and she had never seen that happen.”


107 proven to happen in California See the HBO documental Gladiator Days.”


And on page 331


112 to switch her off  <>.”


Thanks to Mario for spotting these – I really appreciate it.

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