CORRECTIONS XXI – Published December 16th 2020

I have three corrections to make. The first two were pointed out to me by Peter Cracknell, to whom I am grateful.


In the afterword to the book, added in 2019, one passage says: “As I spoke to Kambiz, I thought about what one of the British women who was jailed, demonised, and tortured just for fighting for women to be granted their right to vote-Millicent Fawcett-said once: “Courage calls to courage everywhere.””


Many campaigners to give the vote to women were jailed and tortured in Britain but Millicent Fawcett – while demonised – was not.


The book also says: “In 2012, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that addicts have a right to life, and that safe injecting rooms are an inherent part of that right and can never be legally shut down.”
This in fact happened a year earlier, in 2011.


Both these errors will be fixed in future editions of the book. Thanks again to Peter for pointing them out.


Also, Louise Morley pointed out an error in the afterword. I made a mistake in the publication process – I sent the wrong Word document – so the afterword was published without my fact-checks, and two errors got through.


I referred to the painting Gin Lane, by William Hogarth, but I wrongly called him “Richard Hogarth”, and I made an error in the description of what happens in the painting. I describe it as a baby falling while his mother downs a bottle of gin; in fact, the baby is falling while his mother – who is clearly drunk – is pinching some snuff.


This will be corrected in future editions too. Thanks to Louise for pointing this out.

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