Questions & Corrections

I have worked really hard – alongside my editor, fact-checker, and lawyers in the US and UK – to make sure everything in the book is accurate. If there are any errors left in the text, I’d be grateful for your help in correcting them for future editions and for the record. If you spot any mistakes, please email me at the address above. I’ll post corrections on the same date, and give you a shout-out for spotting them.

If there was anything the book left you wondering, please do message me at and I’ll be happy to try to figure out the answer.


  • Corrections One – posted on January 12th 2015.

    As explained above, the quotes used in the book have been fact-checked several times. After the book went to press, as we were extracting these audio files from the much longer interviews to post them here on the website, one of the fact-checkers – the brilliant Liz Davidson – noticed a few more errors of transcription that weren’t noticed at any of the previous layers of fact-checking. I wanted to list them here, to be fully transparent, and they will be corrected in future editions:

    On p162, it says: “I remember picking her up and holding her in my arms like a little child and carrying her to her room.” It should say walking her to her room – she didn’t carry her.

    On p178, Bruce Alexander asks: “Why would Batman just hide there while they’re beating this junkie to a pulp?” It should say “Why would Batman just stand there while they’re beating this junkie to a pulp?”

    On p190, Bruce Alexander says: “We’re talking about learning to live with the modern age.” It should say: “We’re talking about learning to deal with the modern age.”

    On p218, where John Marks says: “maybe a few dozen lads, the occasional girl, who came and got their pot of junk. Workers, bargemen, all walks of life really.” It should say: “maybe a few dozen lads, the occasional girl, who came and got their tot of junk... railwaymen, bargemen. All walks of life really.”

    On p290, Philip Owen says: “I just get so sick and tired of bullshit.” It should say: “I just get so sick and tired… of bullshit.”

    It’s very important to me to get everything in the book 100% accurate, so if anybody listening to these clips spots any other errors like this, or any other kind of mistake, please do get in touch and I’ll correct it and give you a shout-out on the site for spotting it. I would appreciate any suggestions for corrections – please send to