Corrections IV – posted 31st January 2015

On some computers, when you click to look at the corrections, it is only displaying the first few hundred words of each new entry, and appears to cut off abruptly in mid-sentence. If your computer is displaying in that way, just click on the headline for the post – for example, where it says ‘Corrections IV’ – and it will display the full text.

Patrick Riesterer emailed to point out a mistake. In the book, there are three places where I have changed somebody’s name to protect their identity. Each time I do so, I explain in the text that I am doing it. They are: ‘Dee’, the stripper Chino has a relationship with in prison, who was raped by a prison guard (because I felt I shouldn’t disclose her sexual assault to people who might know she was in prison in Riker’s at that time – it would be a violation of her privacy); ‘Hannah’, one of Liz Evans’ clients, who has subsequently died (because Liz asked me to preserve her client’s anonymity); and ‘Jean’, one of the addicts who is prescribed heroin in the clinic in Switzerland, and who described to me his past smuggling drugs (an offence for which he could still be prosecuted if he was identifiable through the book).

The decision to change the name of ‘Dee’ was suggested late in the editing process by one of the lawyers who worked on ‘Chasing The Scream.’ By that time, I had already written the ‘note on narrative technique’ that appears at the end of the book. In that note as it currently stands, I say that I have altered the names of two people in the book. It should say three people, and I should have updated that reference. I’ll do so in all future editions. Thanks to Patrick for spotting this – I really appreciate it. If you spot any mistakes in the book, please do email me – chasingthescream -at-

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