Corrections IX – posted 7th March 2015

On p51, I refer to the World Series baseball game rigged by Arnold Rothstein in 1919, and say “50 million people were listening in.” In fact, the first live radio broadcast of the World Series was in 1921 – I will change this in future editions to say “50 million people were following the result.” Thanks to the reader who emailed about this – I haven’t heard back from him yet about whether I can use his name but I’ll post it if he gives permission.

On p120, I refer to the videogame Rosalio Reta used to play as ‘The Mask of Zelda.’ In fact, it is called ‘The Legend of Zelda.’ Thanks to Mark Whitfield for emailing me about this.

On p251, there’s a page reference that is given incorrectly in the footnotes. I refer to how HIV transmission among drug users has fallen dramatically in Portugal since drugs were decriminalized, and the footnote says the evidence for this can be found on page 36 of Arthur Domaslawski’s research; in fact, it is on page 40. Thanks to Stuart Rodger for pointing this out.

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